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Hunhan facts ( fan account )

-Sehun can say Luhan’s Chinese name better than he can say his own
-Before their debut, Luhan and Sehun were often mistaken as real brothers by other trainees.

-The owner of the bubble tea shop that Sehun and Luhan go to said that they come to order bubble tea often and always take the spot at the back of the shop.

-The first time EXO performed as 12, Sehun and Luhan stayed in one hotel room.

-Kai always makes fun of Sehun’s quick reaction whenever he hears fans’ say “Luhan”.

-Sehun and Luhan both like to stay together, and they like to tease each other.

-At the fansignings, whenever fans mentioned Luhan to Sehun, he would have trouble trying to hide how happy he is.

-Sehun doesn’t like that Kai’s “Luhan” doesn’t sound right (not sure about this one).

-Luhan bought one of Sehun’s baseball caps for him in China.

-A sasaeng saw Sehun calling Luhan at the door (either their dorm or SM building).

-Luhan and Sehun like to put their arms around each others’ shoulders.

-Luhan and Sehun don’t really fight, completely opposite of Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

 Sehun and Luhan has a 4-year age difference

Were both born in April with a different date and year (Sehun: 12 April 1994, Luhan: 20 April 1990)

     Although Luhan 4 years older than Sehun, but Sehun height higher than Luhan. And height is below 180cm Luhan
     They're both narcissistic
     Originating from different areas, not be a problem for this couple ^ ^ HunHan
     Luhan clever plotting rubik's just within 2 minutes (this was proven when the Wlive Korea) and can only see hyungnya Sehun that make up the Rubik * LOL
     HunHan both had an aura of cute and cool
     When Wlive are often seen it Sehun and Luhan, while Kai? Do not know where he went deh-____-
     Sehun and Luhan often seen joking as an introductory session in Wlive     

Sehun look more mature than Luhan, Luhan more often looks cute
     Are equally good at dance
     SM also upload a teaser Luhan and Sehun
     Many exotics are HunHan couple agree that the couple will pledge EXO
     Both had a lot of fans
     Participated in the Korean Wlive
     Have a sense of humor (evident in Wlive Korea)
     Sehun has the cool looks and narcissistic, he is also including Korean Ulzzang know. If Sehun in Korea, as well as in China Luhan (Ulzzang it a trendy teen icon and a role model in each of the state)
     Apart from dance champion, HunHan couple of expression is also smart in front of the camera, look trendy and narcissistic!
     Sehun new school, together with Kai
     HunHan hobby listen to music
     HunHan both baby face

Cr: Many Source



Actually .... my 1st otp is SeKai  , the 2nd is HunHan , and 3rd is SuLay >__<

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WProductions & MPEnter proudly present the BIGGEST concert ever in Indonesia - SM Town Live World Tour III in Jakarta on 22 Sep 2012 at GBK

Performances by Kangta, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, Shinee, f(x) and EXO

 SMTOWN INA will be held at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium Jakarta, Indonesia (9/22)

  cr : WProductions08

Seat Plan SMTOWN INA :

Tickets - Tribune 3(free seating) 500rb,

Trib 2 (fs) 800rb,

Trib 1 (fs) 1.1jt,

Festival, 1.4jt

VIP (numbered seating) 2.5jt



I can see f(x) and EXO for reaal *sobs*

My parents allow me to watch the concert >__< *die*
Can't to see my *cough*boyfriends*cough* EXO on stage ><


Thankyou for reading *0* <3 <3

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EXO at Hana Kimi a.k.a To the Beautiful You

[INFO] "To The Beautiful You" assumed will air on 8 of August at SBS. The students in the high school will all cast by the trainees in SM Academy and including EXO (all 12). EXO-M will cast as foreign students in the high school.
cr:热可 可0v0
Airing dates : 16 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55
My first reaction after saw this news :

I shouting and rolling on the floor like buffalo when I read this news
I almost hit my laptop .....

Sulli is so fvcking handsome and cool in boys uniform >///<

Sehun is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool in the uniform >0< *die*


I Love you soooo much >o< thanks to put EXO in this drama even only OT9 and they only the cameo...

I can't describe my feelings right now ><


Anyway.... thank you for read my random , and weird blog and fabulous :p :p :p

See u in the next update~~~~

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Oh Sehun EXO K facts

-was an ulzzang
-a Maknae In EXO-K
-volunteered at the RCY shelter to help disabled children so he played with them and tidied up the facilities
-is not scheming/manipulative
-there are 3 rooms In the dorm, Se Hun shares the room with Su Ho

-joined SM in 2008 by Casting System 

-was in the tenth grade when joined SM
-his interests in becoming a singer, later developed into a passion after only the first day of training

-took part to High Cut Magazine Photoshot

-took part to iSports Korea Photoshot

-has got an older brother

-his personality is shy, but when you get to know him he's more lively

-his ideal type is a kind woman
-role model: BoA
-favorite type of music Hip-Hop
-his habit is sticking out his tongue
-fashion style: neat
-he's close to Super Junior's Donghae
-favorite food: meat, sushi
-favorite colors: Black and White
-he likes action movies
-favorite numbers: 3, 5, 7
-took part In Vogue Girl (June Issue)
-motto : "...Let's live while doing thing's we like!..."


T-ARA Day by day lyric

Naepumeun neoege pinancheo dareun sarame naneun beoryeojyeo
Sarang geu kkeuteun kkaman teoneolsok boiji anneun giri naneun neomu duryeowo
Taeyangi naerijjoeneun bureun samakcheoreom mokmalra ugo itneun saramcheoreom
Kiss me ma baby i bami gagijeone naege eoseobbalri day by day

Ni pumi geuriwojyeo neomu sarang haetnabwa
I bami jinagamyeon nunmuldwieo dok!Dok!Dok!
Jeo eunbit dari jimyeon sarajilkka.. Ajik namaitneun ni hyanggi
Kkumgatdeon chueokdeuldo heuteojilkka…bitmulcheoreom meolri dok!Dok!Dok!

Kiss me baby i’ll must be stay here day by day
Saranghandago soksagyeojwo
Kiss me baby just you can take me day by day
Nae nunmuri mareugi jeone

(ddururururururu ddurudu)
Baram cheoreom modu sarajyeo beorin neo
(ddururururururu ddurudu)
Haruharu neol geurimyeo day by day

Seuchineun chueokdeuri geuriun bam deulryeoohneun neoeui moksori
Yeongwoneul yasokhaetdeon sumaneun bam nunmuldwieo dok!Dok!Dok!

Kiss me baby i’ll must be stay here day by day
Saranghandago soksagyeojwo
Kiss me baby just you can take me day by day
Nae nunmuri mareugi jeone

Ddeonaganeun ni moseup ni saenggage ddo nunmuri heulreo
Doraondago malhaejwo urisarang yeongwonhidorok

Neon nareul dugo gara jeo meolri meolri gil ddara sarajyeo
Michin sarangkkeut aseulhan nang ddeoreoji jilgin sarange gamyeomdwae gyesokddeoreotji
Seulpeun sireul eulpeodaeneun nae ipsuri neoeui kkaman nundongjae gieokdwiri
Kiss me ma baby i bami gagijeone naege eoseokbbalri day by day

Kiss me baby i’ll must be stay here day by day
Seulpeujiman neoreul jiulrae
Kiss me baby just you can take me day by day
Nae nunmuri mareugi jeone

Kiss me baby take me day by day….

English Translation:

My embrace is a fortress to you, I am thrown away by others
Love – I can’t see the end of that dark tunnel so I’m very afraid
Like a desert with a blazing sun, like a person crying out of thirst
Kiss me ma baby, before this night is over, hurry, to me, day by day

I miss your embrace, I guess I loved you too much
When this night passes, it’ll become tears to wipe off – tok tok tok^
If that silver moon sets, will it disappear – Your scent that stillremains?
Will the dream-like memories also scatter?
Like rain drops, far away, tok tok tok

Kiss me baby I’ll must be stay here Day by Day
Whisper that you love me
Kiss me baby Just you can take me Day by Day
Before my tears dry up

(Ddurururururu Ddurudu)
Like the wind, you disappeared
(Ddurururururu Ddurudu)
Day by day, I miss you, day by day

Tonight, I long for the passing by memories, I hear your voice
The countless nights when we promised eternity, they become tears – tok tok tok

At the thought of you leaving, again tears fall
Please tell me you will return so our love can be forever

You leave me and go far far away, follow that road and disappear
At the end of this crazy love is the dangerous cliff,
I was infected by this tough love and kept trembling
I hope my lips that recite this sad poem will be remembered in yourblack eyes
Kiss me ma baby, before this night is over, hurry, to me, day by day

Kiss me baby I’ll must be stay here Day by Day
It’s sad but I will erase you
Kiss me baby Just you can take me Day by Day
Before my tears dry up

kiss me baby take me day by day

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EXO K ( Changsha Airport going back to Korea photos )

Hi guys~
Today I wanna share some pictures in Changsa Airport
At first , I want to share about EXO's picture in Happy Camp
But , since we didn't allowed to share it...
I just gonna share the airport picture :)) Enjoy~~

Chanyeollie~ ( cr : in your smile )


Kai~ ( cr : EXO_sooa )


Baekki LOL ( cr : logo )


Sehunaaa~ ( cr : Heal Milk Tea )


Suho appa!!! ( cr : Kandy )


EXO K bowing to fans ( cr : logo )


Sehuna again!! ( cr : sugar )


Kai heart sign >< ( cr : Hyh )

D.O , Baekhyun , Sehun >__< ( cr : shins )


EXO K bowing again ( cr : logo )


Baekki smile >< ( cr : villa )


Yeollie *0* ( cr :logo )

Sehunniee~ ( cr : maoxe_exo )


D.O and Baekki ( cr : puzzlepiece )


EXO K ^^ ( cr : maoxe_exo )

Hunnie , Yeollie , and Baekki ( cr : TeaLeo )

Okay~ that's all I got !!!!
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Channie , Tao , Sehun , Kai , Baekki , Suho , and Luhan aegyo for you~


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